Chicago Comic Con to be Site of Ostrander Benefit

Typically the press goes to the heroes created and surging across the pages of a comic book or the silver screen. Even when they get knocked down, we see other heroes rush to their side, ready to support and raise the hero back up to powered form, able to defeat villains once again. But what happens when one of the creators, artists and writers behind the heroes struggles? Fortunately they rush in to help too. This weekend's Chicago Comic Con will feature an auction of artwork and other materials from such industry giants as Neal Adams, George Perez, Matt Groening, Jim Lee and others to raise money to assist with comic book legend John Ostrander's treatment and surgery for glaucoma. Ostrander is well-regarded in the comic book world, with a long career that spans work at both DC and Marvel, writing for titles such as Batman, Suicide Squad, X-Men and Punisher. The benefit was designed to help counteract his significant medical bills stemming from his treatments and surgery. The money-raising effort has gone well so far, and there are far too many items to be put into the auction in Chicago. The remaining items will be posted on where the money will go to benefit Ostrander and the HERO Initiative, an organization dedicated to helping comics creators in financial and/or medical need. Consider visiting the link above for more information on the items offered for auction and for information on how you can help if interested!