Comic Book Convention Fun Still Possible Before Halloween!

A lot of the major comic book shows for the year have passed, but that doesn't mean that all the [...]

A lot of the major comic book shows for the year have passed, but that doesn't mean that all the comic book shows are done! There are plenty of upcoming conventions and shows, either one or two day events, that are certainly worth checking out over the next two weeks, some with guest stars that may be more accessible in these venues than at much bigger shows! Take for example this weekend's Boston Comic Con, which kicks off at 10AM on Saturday, October 24th! Noted artist Tim Sale will be in attendance as well as Scott Wegener, artist on Atomic Robo. Dozens of other special guests will be in attendance, such as Jim Calafiore and Herb Trimpe, the man who co-created Wolverine! The show runs 10-5 on both Saturday and Sunday, and has several local and national comic book vendors in attendance as well! Not going to be up north this weekend? Perhaps you'll stop in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for The Grand AdventureCon, another two-day event with TONS of guest stars from horror, sci-fi, television and the world of comics! Artits such as Tom Nguyen and Joe Staton will appear alongside the likes of Doug Jones, known for his work as the Silver Surfer and on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer , and John Schneider, known for his roles in The Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville! If you're looking for a one-day stop and will be in Houston, Texas this Sunday the 25th, check out the JMV Comic Book Show, an event that promises a massive amount of comic books that span the decades from Golden Age material to today! If this weekend doesn't work for you, how about the next? Starting on the 28th is the much-hyped Marvel Fest! Expect tons of giveaways, a costume contest and of course the premiere of the Astonishing X-Men motion comic! Not bad for a mid-week adventure in New York!! Over Halloween weekend, the 31st and November 1st, our friends in Canada play host to the Central Canada Comic Con, taking place in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adam West, yes, TV's Batman (!), will be the show's guest of honor this year, along with iconic comic book writer Marv Wolfman! Also look for tons of artists to appear at this two-day show, and be sure to get your picture taken with the 1960's Batmobile, a guest in its own right! Don't see any large shows near you these next two weeks? Fear not! There are several, comic book packed one day shows in several locations around the country. Be sure to look for one day shows on October 24th in Greenville, South Carolina, Tinley Park, Illinois, and Bellingham, Washington. Tyson's Corner, Virginia and East Hanover, New Jersey will hold shows on Sunday the 25th, as well as Scranton, Pennsylvania. Pick up plenty of comic book treats on Halloween day, as events in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Madison, Wisconsin occur. Albany, New York, Wayne, New Jersey and Overland Park, Kansas will all be holding shows on November 1st, so be sure to look those up if you'll be in those areas! Still nothing close by? Don't worry, we'll have more show information for November in just a couple of weeks! Check back with us for more convention updates!!