Comic-Con Panel: The Next Wave of Star Wars Collectibles

It’s no secret that Star Wars and its vast and imaginative universe has some of the most devoted [...]

It's no secret that Star Wars and its vast and imaginative universe has some of the most devoted and invested fans of any pop culture franchise on the planet.  No surprise, then, that one of the very first panels up today for fans featured the next wave of Star Wars collectibles.  eFX, Gentle Giant Studios, Kotobukiya, and Sideshow Collectibles were all on hand to discuss the next wave of collectibles for the franchise, as well as preview some upcoming pieces.  Chris Spitale of Lucas Licensing was on hand to moderate the panel. Kotobukiya tool the floor first to discuss the 2012-2013 rollout of their next line of Star Wars products.  They began by thanking for the crowd for all of their support in conjunction with celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company.  Discussing the success of their Star Wars ice trays, the company is adding deluxe-sized trays of Rw-D2, Han Solo in ice, and the Millenium Falcon.  The trays will be available in the fall and will be sold in conjunction to the smaller ones.  The company also rolled out the well-received Death Star ice tray.  Another interesting novelty addition to the company's items were their new version of light-up, light saber chopsticks.  They company already makes popular chopsticks in this brand, but the light-up feature is new.  Two styles will be available, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The ARTFX line of Kotobukiya was next, and the next release will be the Boba Fett figure from Return of the Jedi.  Darth Vader of Return of the Jedi will also be available, as well as the ability to take his mask off.  A Royal Guard two-pack was unveiled next, and the two-pack should be available by the winter of 2013, January or February specifically.  An exclusive to Celebration in Florida will be R2-D6.  With a limit of 500, this will be a highly sought after product.  The Jango Fett render was shown for the first time, and some preliminary drawings and formations of the figure were shown.  Around the fall of 2013 this one was also met with excitement.  Jaina Solo is the first of the Bishoujo line, which translates as beautiful woman, and the fall of 2012 is the release date for this inaugural figure.  The company also officially announced the addition of Mara Jade to the line! Gentle Giants then began their rollout of new products.  The company is also celebrating their ten year anniversary, and they shard a video about the company, which featured several Comic-Con exclusives, specifically a Lando Calrissian figure.  Sideshow Collectibles announced more for their six scale line.  A Darth Vader deluxe figure was announced, with a removable face mask, a dome, an illuminated base, coming in a  12-inch figure.  Snow Troopers are on the way as well, and a Boba Fett figure will come straight out of the classic series.  The Star Wars: Mythos line explores the origins and stories of the characters in between several of the films.  An Obi Wan Kenobi was the first figure discussed in his transition period between the Episode I and Episode IV incarnations.  Premimum Format Figures were Darth Malgus, Shaak Ti, R2-D2, C3PO.  The first look at a 22-inch sculpture of Chewbacca was also unveiled here.  Han Solo in Carbonite was another project that was teased for release next year. eFX was next up, they announced that they would expand their lightsaber line beyond the movies and into the video game universe.  They are also working on more"reveal" lightsabers, and a return of the mini lightsabers was announced, and now they have electronic functions with them as well.  The Legend line of products was discussed, with the Darth Maul lightsaber up for the line.  The product will be molded out of the original saber used by Ray Park in the filming of Episode I.  A licensed, new biker scout helmet was announced as well, and the company was able to use the original molds used in Return of the Jedi for the reproduction.  The company also teased an upcoming Yoda puppet from Episode V, but they did say they are still working on gathering the pieces to make this a reality.  Boba Fett's Slave I is another FX Model on the way as well. The panel wound down with a trivia contest, with lots of premium collectibles and statues handed out for those fast and quick with their knowledge of Star Wars trivia.