Crispin Glover And Jonathan Tucker Cast In American Gods

Glover Tucker American Gods

The Neil Gaiman property American Gods is coming to Starz, and the production has added two more actors to its quite packed cast.

Actors Crispin Glover (Texas Rising) and Jonathan Tucker (Kingdom) will be taking on the roles of Low-Key Lyesmith and Mr. World. While the two are separate parts, they are actually one and the same, as in the novel both are revealed to be

the Norse God Loki

. It fits right in line with his calling. He is the god of


after all.

American Gods follows the story of Shadow, an ex-con who happens to be the bodyguard of the elusive Mr. Wednesday. Both end up embroiled in a war between old gods and new, though Mr. Wednesday has a vested interest in how that war turns out.

The Bryan Fuller and Michael Green helmed series also stars Ricky Whittle (The 100), Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Sean Harris (The Borgias) Yetide Badaki, and Bruce Langley, and is scheduled to debut sometime next year.


via TV Line