Custom Guardians Of Galaxy Tree Topper Turns Christmas Tree Into Groot

We’re not sure how the Guardians of the Galaxy would feel if their Baby Groot sappling matured into a Christmas tree, but we’d sure be happy with it.

Freelance artist Wolfen Moondaughter certainly seems to agree. The Florida-based artist has created a custom Groot head as a tree topper, instantly transforming her Christmas tree into a much more festive version of the galaxy’s most popular guardian. As she explained on her DeviantArt page (via Laughing Squid), Moondaughter created the head using an old CD spool cover, some foam, and a shampoo bottle cap. She then covered the materials in Crayola Model Magic, some pipe cleaners, and acrylic paint for the greatest holiday decoration that we’ll see in this lifetime.

Sadly, the Groot head is one-of-a-kind. Moondaughter said she isn’t making any more to sell (curse those potential Marvel litigations). At the very least, take a look at the pictures below, and try not to get too discouraged by your comparably-pedestrian tree. But hey, the market’s still open for a Star-Lord Christmas tree star, right?


Merry Christmas—or, as Groot would say, “I am Groot!”