Darkness Takes Flight This June In "Whispers," The New Graphic Novel From Joshua Luna


Image Comics has announced Whispers, a new graphic novels from Joshua Luna (Ultra, Girls, The Sword). In Whispers, Sam is a young man struggling with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder when he suddenly gains the ability to leave his body in "ghost" form and travel, free from his body, unseen. As he travels, Sam finds he can manipulate people, nudging them to perform acts, as well as hear their thoughts. Unable to control this power, Sam's actions lead to uncontrollable consequences, and soon he finds himself witnessing horrific acts. Can he right what has gone wrong in his life? Or will he lose himself in a shadow world of demonic forces? "We are so accustomed to the filter that exists between a person's true thoughts and feelings and what they actually express out loud that we often don't know what it's like to get the raw truth,"  said Luna, both the writer and the artist on Whispers. "But what if someone could override that filter? What if someone could peek into your mind and know your deepest fears and desires and use that knowledge to influence or even manipulate you? Whispers is about the headspace that we all try to protect from the outside world and how the awareness of its vulnerability can lead to empowerment or destruction." Whispers promises to be a supernatural thriller that will captivate fans of television shows like Being Human and dark fiction like Joe Hart's The Waiting. Whispers will arrive in comic shops on June 11 and bookstores June 24.