Details Emerge On Erik Larsen's Secret "Haunted House" Project

Just under two years ago, when Erik Larsen left Supreme, the Savage Dragon creator told us that he would be using that time, in part, to work on a mystery project that he had teased way back in 2007. It seems that Larsen is finally at work on that project now.

Featuring what looks to be a haunted house and a VW Bus out front, fan speculation back when the image was first released was that Larsen was doing a Scooby-Doo story, but Larsen clarified at the time that it was a new and creator-owned project.

Well, details remain scarce, but Larsen took to Facebook earlier this week to tease a project, and then today clarified that the image above was part of it.

"Working on a character I created nearly 30 years ago that has never seen the light of day," Larsen wrote. "Finally--some closure."

When pressed by fans, he added that the story didn't have anything to do with Savage Dragon (although anything he creates can and possibly will eventually be integrated into that universe), and that more details would be released soon.

He did reveal that -- like recent issues of Savage Dragon -- he's drawing this project on oversized "twice up" boards. The image at left shows the original version of the drawing that's been making the rounds online for nearly seven years at top and, below that, the current version.

"I'm blowing these pages up and light boxing them. They're gigantic," Larsen said.

More details on this long-awaited mystery project...soon. Possibly at San Diego Comic Con International next month?