Detective Comics Writer Brian Buccellato Announces Sons of the Devil Kickstarter

SOTD Cover (Color)

Acclaimed comic book writer/colorist Brian Buccellato, most recently of Detective Comics and The Flash fame, has announced a campaign to crowd fund his new independent project called Sons of the Devil via Kickstarter. Sons of the Devil is a "transmedia experience" set in comic books and film, combining Buccellato's profession with his passion for the art of cinema. Sons of the Devil will be a 32-page, color comic book co-created Toni Infante, who will provide the art. With the release of the book will be a twelve- to fifteen-minute short film that the author says "will deliver a new level of emotion that can only be told through film." The project is a character-driven psychological thriller that is told in multiple timelines across 25 years. In 1989, the FBI raid the remote compound of deranged Cult leader David Daly. The only survivors are six infants rescued the night before the bloody massacre. Twenty-five years later we meet one of those infants…Travis, a troubled father-to-be whose rough childhood was spent in Foster Care. He struggles to cope with fear of abandonment and anger issues until a "chance meeting" leads him to his half sister, Jennifer… and the realization that he has five brothers and sisters. Travis soon discovers that this meeting was not by chance at all… Depending on how much you're in for as a donor, there are a variety of rewards to choose that range from copies of the book to higher-end stuff like on-set visits, meet and greets, to original art. The Kickstarter has three weeks to go and about $15,000 left to raise in that time.