Walt Disney World and Disneyland Ticket Prices Have Been Increased

Ticket prices at Walt Disney World Orlando and Disneyland in California both have been increased for the coming season. The announcement was made by company officials on Sunday.

Beginning on Sunday, Magic Kingdom "value" days will cost $109 for an adult and $103 for children. That's a $2 increase over ticket prices last year on "value" days.

During "regular" time, adults will pay $119 and children will pay $113. That's a $4 increase over last year.

"Peak" prices will be set at $129 for an adult and $123 for a child.

"Value" one-day tickets at Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom will cost $102 for an adult and $96 for a child. That's a $2 bump over last year. "Regular" times at these parks will cost $114 for an adult and $108 for a child. "Peak" tickets at these parks will run $122 for an adult and $116 for a child.

At Disneyland, the regular price of admission to the Anaheim park will be set at $117. That's a $7 rise over last year. A single-day ticket during peak times will cost $135, which is an $11 increase over last year. The cost of a "value" ticket will remain the same at $97.

Prices for Florida residents have also changed, as reflected on the park's website. More changes are set to come later this year.

Disney began its flexible pricing program in October 2015. The program is designed to entice guests to visit the parks in the United States during less busy times of the year. The year is divided into value, regular, and peak periods with a calendar available online mapping out prices and periods from 8 to 11 months out. Theoretically, this program would prevent the parks from becoming overcrowded during the busiest seasons.

Officials said that the program would continue to evolve and adapt to guests' visiting habits. The next step will include Walt Disney World prices for specific dates that will be published in advance.

"Given the small percentage of guests that purchase a 1-day ticket at Walt Disney World, extending pre-published, date-specific pricing to multi-day tickets will further advance our efforts spread to attendance throughout the year," said Andrea Finger, spokeswoman for Walt Disney World.


Source: ABC News