Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Trailer Is Here


David Tennant and Catherine Tate, The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble respectively, are returning to the Doctor Who universe this May, and Big Finish has just released the trailer for The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol.1.

In the trailer, we got our first listen at all three of the upcoming adventures. Time Reaver, which has the pair attempting to find the mysterious Time Reaver on Calibris.. Technophobia, which takes place in London and deals with the loss of technology. The final episode is Death and the Queen, which spotlights Donna in a romance that might not be what it seems.

Both Tennant and Tate seem to be having a great time in the clips, and Tennant even enlightens us with a Tardis impression. Seems like everything is in place for fans of the 10th doctor, and it's nice to have them back.


via Radio Times