DuckTales to End With 90-Minute Series Finale

Disney previously confirmed in December of last year that the fan favorite DuckTales reboot series [...]

Disney previously confirmed in December of last year that the fan favorite DuckTales reboot series had been cancelled and would be coming to an end. Now the Disney Channel has confirmed when the final episode of the series will premiere, while also revealing that it will be a super-sized episode! The series finale of Ducktales will be a 90-minute long special episode and is set to premiere on Monday, March 15 at 7 PM ET on Disney XD and ungated in DisneyNOW. New episodes of DuckTales will premiere every Monday ahead of the series finale starting on February 22 (next week!). The series will continue to be available on Disney Channels and Disney+ around the world after its conclusion with 75 episodes and more than 15 shorts available to watch.

In a joint statement, executive producers Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones said, "It has been an absolute honor to adventure along with the Duck Family for three seasons of derring-do bad and good luck tales. Ever since Carl Barks took a silly squawking duck from a funny animal cartoon and sent him looking for pirate gold, these characters have been part of a constantly evolving legacy of invention and reinvention. We set out to honor all those things that we've loved about 'DuckTales' since we were kids and introduce new parts of that legacy for families around the globe. Along the way, our stellar crew, unbelievable cast and endlessly supportive fans have become a bit of a family ourselves. And it has been a great joy to solve mysteries and rewrite history alongside them."

DuckTales was the #1 ratings driver on Disney XD and reached over 234 million views on social media and YouTube since its launch in 2017. In the above player you can find video of a memorable, dramatic reading of the iconic "DuckTales" main title song which was performed by the cast one final time during a Zoom over the recent holiday season. Stars David Tennant ("Scrooge McDuck"), Danny Pudi ("Huey"), Ben Schwartz ("Dewey"), Bobby Moynihan ("Louie"), Kate Micucci ("Webby Vanderquack"), Beck Bennett ("Launchpad McQuack"), Toks Olagundoye ("Mrs. Beakley") and Paget Brewster ("Della Duck") were present.

The "DuckTales" series finale special will encore non-stop for 24 hours following its premiere with a week-long marathon scheduled to air ahead of the final episode.