Earth 2's Villains Month Sees Desaad, Solomon Grundy Step Up


Longtime DC executive Paul Levitz will write Earth 2 #15.1: Desaad for the publisher's Villains Month event, while Matt Kindt will bring Solomon Grundy Wait, that's not quite the right word... Nerdist has the scoop, and covers which you can see at left and below. Golden Age Green Lantern villain Solomon Grundy is arguably the most interesting element of the news, as his New 52 debut appears to cast him (based on looks and solicitation text alone) as that universe's version of Black Hand, with a little of The Rot thrown in for good measure. Does this mean that on Earth 2 (or even just in the DC Multiverse), The Rot is connected with Nekron? That might be an interesting plot to look into later...


Yildiray Cinar will draw the Levitz/Desaad story, with a cover by Ken Lashley, while Solomon Grundy will be done by Kindt with Aaron Lopresti on art and a cover from Lashley as well. "Grundy hates green. He hates life, and he hates Green Lantern most of all! So what made Grundy this way? Find out in the secret origin of Solomon Grundy!" That's certainly a telling tease. But what's Desaad doing with the Worlds' Finest in the background?! Levitz isn't telling yet, only really scratching the surface of what makes Villains Month tick: "Villains and heroes definitely aren't two sides of the same coin in my book," he said. "While we may all want to be heroes in our own story, the choices we make and the things that move us define us… and DeSaad is not only a villain, but an evil god, a personification of qualities that we hate."