Edison Rex Returns Next Week From iZombie's Chris Roberson, Dennis Culver, and Monkeybrain

Edison Rex, the Monkeybrain Comics series from iZombie co-creator Chris Roberson with artist [...]

(Photo: Monkeybrain Comics)

Edison Rex, the Monkeybrain Comics series from iZombie co-creator Chris Roberson with artist Dennis Culver, will return next week.

ComiXology spilled the news to the series' subscribers, with an e-mail blast notifying them that their card will be charged for an issue "coming up in the next 14 days."

The link to pre-order the issue lists it as being available on July 6.

Edison Rex centers on the titular character -- a mad scientist-style supervillain who is forced to become a hero when he finally kills his longtime nemesis, superhero Valiant. The comparisons to Lex Luthor -- especially as the New 52 went on and he became a hero at DC -- were inevitable.

"I think that there are a lot of appealing aspects to those TYPES of characters that can get lost when dealing with the details of specific characters in particular," Roberson told ComicBook.com back when Edison Rex launched. "That may be why so many of the most memorable interpretations of many of the most famous characters are 'Elseworlds' or 'What Ifs' or in some other way 'out of continuity.' There are interesting questions that you simply can't ask and have answered when you're dealing with characters that have to continue appearing in monthly comics interminably."

Here's the solicitation text for the issue: Edison Rex has been left without a friend in the world, and finds himself hunted by heroes and villains alike. But when his past finally catches up with him, will there be anywhere else left to run?

Of course, Roberson and Culver have participated in a series of interviews with ComicBook.com, examining each issue of Edison Rex as it came out. Recently, Roberson teased on social media that there may be Edison Rex news soon, but as with the launch of Monkeybrain Comics in July of 2012, he apparently elected to have the book completely ready to go before letting the audience in on the fun.

The series has been on hiatus since the most recent issue -- #16 -- was published in July of 2014.

The 18-page Edison Rex #17 will be available on Wednesday, July 6, exclusively via ComiXology. You can preorder it at the link above.