EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Heroes 2015's Newest Loot: $25,000 of Real Money

Gazillion Entertainment is redefining the term "epic loot" to cap off their second anniversary celebration month. Rather than a piece of high-end armor or a unique item that makes your favorite Marvel character stronger in Marvel Heroes 2015, Gazillion is dropping five randomized "Vibranium Tickets" each valued at $5,000 US cash, ComicBook.com has learned exclusively. The tickets will start dropping on Wednesday, July 8.

Any player of the free-to-play action RPG can go for the Vibranium Ticket as determined by the official complete rules and eligibility. The tickets will drop as randomized items at randomized times, with five items totallying $25,000.

Any players who have claimed their prize by the start of Gazillion's Marvel Heroes 2015 panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday at 6pm PDT in Room 25ABC will be publicly congratulated.

Sure beats your 10th "Last Chance" Serrated Boot Knife drop, now doesn't it?