Face Off: The Infernal Core's First Look Appearance In Justice League Dark #16

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On Tuesday on SyFy's Face Off, contestant Anthony designed a superhero called The Infernal Core which was selected as the winner to appear in an upcoming DC Comic. The comic book that The Infernal Core will be appearing in is Justice League Dark #16, which isn't due out until next week. However, in DC Comics issues released this week, there was a three page preview of Justice League Dark #16, highlighting the first appearance of The Infernal Core. Even though The Infernal Core was designed as part of a superhero creation contest, it looks like he will actually be fighting against the Justice League Dark. It also looks like The Infernal Core will get some major face time in Justice League Dark #16, and it won't just be a one panel and done type of thing. We've include scans of what looks to be a full page plus a two page spread that shows a first look at The Infernal Core in comic book form.

Justice League Dark #16 Infernal Core