Fan Fridays: Is Arsenal Prometheus in the CW's Arrow?

Arrow’s fifth season has been something of a return to form for the series. After its third and [...]

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Arrow's fifth season has been something of a return to form for the series. After its third and fourth season storylines failed to bring the show to the glories of its earliers years, the Stephen Amell led show took a back to basics attitude and re-invented Oliver and company from the ground floor up. With the introduction of the new villain Prometheus, a stalwart Justice League villain for the past decade or so, Oliver has put together a new team of vigilantes to protect Star City. The identity of Prometheus remains a mystery however, yet there are several clues pointing toward the onetime protégé of Queen, Roy Harper, perhaps being the man under the mask. Arrow fan, Texas Campbell, has presented a rather interesting theory about Arsenal being the newest main villain of Arrow's fifth season that makes for a perfect entry to our latest Fan Friday.

Roy Harper has had some issues these past few years in Arrow. After having been exposed to the "wonder drug" Mirakuri, which also gave Deathstroke his powers, Roy went into a mad rage, killing a police officer. Searching for redemption, he eventually became Arsenal, the sidekick to Green Arrow and part of the team to help clean up the city. After Ollie was thought dead, Roy began attempting to protect the city on his own but eventually, turned himself over to the police in part to save Queen and in part to admonish himself of his guilt. Ultimately, this eventually led to Harper leaving town and giving up the superhero game, though there are two big pieces of evidence that could point to Roy also being the new villain Prometheus.

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Right off the bat, Roy and Prometheus first murders were police officers, marking a nice parallel between the two of them, although somewhat twisted. Harper has also had a somewhat long history of mental instability, though the effect of Mirakuri was seemingly cured. However, Harper's skills are somewhat in line with what we've seen from Prometheus so far and Roy Harper is confirmed to be returning to the show from the show's producers, once again leading credence to the theory.

Also, and this ties into what's currently going on in the Flash television show, the effects of Flashpoint could very well have affected Roy. When Barry Allen created a new timeline last season, the effects of that have been reverberating across the present, changing people to represent their counterparts in this new world. What if, Roy Harper's double on Flashpoint was Prometheus and this personality has taken him over? This would be a neat way to tie the shows together moving forward in their individual seasons. We've already seen a number of regular people turn evil in the Flash to reflect their alternate selves so who's to say this didn't also happen with Harper off screen? Needless to say, making Ollie's former sidekick the main villain would be one heck of a hook for this latest season.