Five Other Telltale Games We Want

Ever since the release of their first season of The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has been on a [...]


Ever since the release of their first season of The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has been on a role. They followed up The Walking Dead with a second season and a game based on Fables, called The Wolf Among Us. Then they partnered with Gearbo for Tales from the Borderlands, and most recently released a game based on HBOs Game of Thrones. With all of that, Telltale has become a frontrunner in both narrative focused and licensed video games.

The announcement of Telltale's collaboration with Mojang for Minecraft: Story Mode got us thinking about what other properties we'd like to see Telltale make games out of. Here are five.

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Dragon Age

BioWare's video game series is set in a dark fantasy world, where intrigue and politics are as likely to kill you as monsters are. It's not entirely unlike Game of Thrones, which is why we think Telltale would do well creating their own Dragon Age game. The people at BioWare are expert storytellers already, but a smaller scale, Telltale style game would allow them to tell a story too small for a blockbuster, tentpole game. Telltale's game could leave out the adventuring and combat in favor of focusing on the intrigue, perhaps using Josephine, the diplomacy advisor from Dragon Age: Inquisition, as the protagonist.



We know that Telltale can do dystopias from their Walking Dead games, and we know they can do intrigue from Game of Thrones. Greg Rucka and Michael Lark's Lazarus is a combination of both, set in a society where the United States has regressed into a new feudal society and a handful of families have carved the country up into territories. Playing a serf family trying to navigate the politics of Lazarus could be just as engaging as a small house trying to navigate the politics of the powerful in Game of Thrones.



Brian Wood's Vertigo Comics series, Northlanders, was an anthology series that told stories of the Vikings, pretty rare subject matter for comics. His realistic take on the subject matter gave an emotional core to the stories of a people using portrayed as little more than savage conquerors. Playing a family in this setting, trying to survive and prosper. Sounds exciting, and the anthology format means a video game story would fit right into the series' structure.


Star Trek

At its core, Star Trek is a franchise about exploration. With exploring new territory, comes unexpected complications and precarious situations. Newer film's aside, these situations usually required as much diplomacy and moral decision making as action, and that sounds perfect for a Telltale video game. A Telltale Star Trek game could give players the chance to play a captain on a federation starship, and learn the difficulties that Kirk and Picard had to deal with on a regular basis. -1024x576

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is another franchise that values cleverness over battle prowess, which is key to a good Telltale video game. A game set in the Harry Potter world could allow players to control a Hogwarts student who discovers something amiss at the school, and cold feature appearance by plenty of iconic characters, like the Hogwarts teaching staff.