Frank Miller Wants Batman To Be The Bad Guy In A Superman Story

frank miller dk3 mini cover
(Photo: Frank Miller, DC Entertainment)

At Brazil's CCXP last week, Bleeding Cool attended a panel centering on the work of Frank Miller, currently co-writing Dark Knight III: The Master Race with Brian Azzarello for DC Entertainment.

After already having done two Dark Knight stories where Superman is an antagonist, and embarking now on a third where the main threat will be from the Bottle City of Kandor, Miller says he's ready to try and flip the script and write a Superman story where Batman is the villain.

Miller, who is already slated to write Dark Knight 4, "...told us about a project he would like to create similar to the Dark Knight but focused on Superman," the report says. "But a story in which Batman[,] Bruce Wayne, is the bad guy."

The exact quote from Miller isn't included in the Bleeding Cool piece, but it mirrors comments Miller made during a recent interview with, when he told me, "I've been particularly brutal to Superman, but that's not because I don't like the character; it's because the point-of-view has always been Batman's. If I did a story where Superman was the lead character, Batman would be the antagonist. I adore Superman, it's just that Batman does not, so when I'm writing Batman, I do not. It's very much a writer's job to take on a character's point of view."


The second issue of Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2 is in stores on December 23.