Who Dies On The Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale?

What is dead may never die, but there's plenty of characters left alive in 'The Winds of Winter', [...]


What is dead may never die, but there's plenty of characters left alive in "The Winds of Winter", the season finale of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones has never shied away from killing off cast members, but this season seems to have a particularly high death count as the show begins wrapping up plotlines and giving characters their just desserts.

So which residents of Westeros won't live to see Season 7? As last week's episode focused primarily on the North, expect King's Landing to be the center for most of this week's chaos. Cersei Lannister is facing a trial before the High Sparrow and his minions. Although the High Sparrow has outwitted Cersei at every turn, we've seen many times how ruthless the former queen can be. The High Sparrow may have the upper hand going into "The Winds of Winter", but we don't expect him to survive tonight's episode.

In fact, all of Cersei Lannister's enemies should probably watch their back tonight. The Tyrells have long been a thorn in Cersei's side and are one of the few families to avoid any major deaths on the show. As Finn Jones is currently filming his new Iron Fist, it's a pretty good indication his character Loras Tyrell also won't survive this week's episode. Margaery Tyrell is probably a bit safer, as she's still technically the queen, but if Cersei can sway her son Tommen back to her side, expect Margaery to die as well.

Another minor character in the crosshairs is Grand Maester Pycelle, the long-scheming maester of the Red Keep. While Pycelle was once loyal to Cersei, he abandoned her as her influence over Tommen diminished last season. Pycelle also has a longstanding rivalry with Qyburn, Cersei's only remaining friend in King's Landing, which could come back to haunt him if violence breaks out at Cersei's trial.

Preview images indicated that Lord Walder Frey and his family will also appear in "The Winds of Winter". The Freys were one of the chief conspirators of the Red Wedding, and all but eliminated the Starks from the North. With the Boltons wiped out and the Starks back in control of the North, are the Freys next in line for long awaited retribution? We're guessing Walder Frey and his family will hang on a little longer, as Jamie Lannister just recaptured Riverrun on their behalf.

Melisandre is also in a bit of danger, as Ser Davos recently discovered that the Red Priestess burned Shireen Baratheon as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light last season. Shireen was practically a daughter to Ser Davos, and learning of her death might have finally pushed the loyal knight to his limit. After all, Melisandre did lead Davos's friend Stannis Baratheon to total ruin and has yet to suffer any real consequences. While Melisandre brought Jon Snow back from the dead, will that be enough to keep Davos from killing her?

We'll find out tonight who will long enough to see winter finally come to Westeros. "The Winds of Winter" airs tonight on HBO.