General Zod, Lex Luthor, Metallo Get Villains' Month Titles

Cyborg Superman #1

General Zod, Lex Luthor and Metallo join the Cyborg Superman in bringing Villains Month to Action Comics in September, Zap2It reports.

That's right, folks - just a few months after Man of Steel hits theaters, DC Comics will already ask readers to kneel before Zod, and shell out $4 to do it, as Greg Pak and Ken Lashley bring the character to live in the New 52, with a cover by Gene Ha. According to solicitation text, the story will explore Zod's origin--which seems to be a common theme for many of the Villains Month titles that are exploring characters we don't see on Forever Evil #1 (The Joker, for instance...).

Zod will appear in Action Comics #23.2, after Cyborg Superman's origins and connection to Krypton have already been explored in #23.1, written by Michael Alan Nelson with art by Mike Hawthorne and a 3-D motion cover by Aaron Kuder.

Lex Luthor, meanwhile, doesn't have an interior artist yet for his appearance in Action Comics #23.3, but Charles Soule will write the story, which finally sees the villain out of jail and ready to take on the world (and, you know, Superman).

Kuder will provide that cover as well, and one for Action Comics #23.4, which explores Metallo with writer Sholly Fisch and artist Will Conrad.

Nelson seems to confirm our previous theory that many of the series will not get a Forever Evil tie-in book, saying-without-saying that Action Comics #23.1 is effectively his Supergirl book for the month.

"We wanted to make [Cyborg Superman] something new, something specific to Supergirl and in order to do that, we had to step away from the pre-52 character and redesign him from the ground up," the writer sais. "I'm sure there will be some parallels between them, but they won't be the core concepts of who he is as a character and why he is the way he is."


You can check out the covers for the rest of the issues below.

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