Gotham: Eight Promos For Harvey Dent Released

Another week, another barrage of clips and behind-the-scenes material in support of a new episode of Gotham.

This week's episode, "Harvey Dent," introduces a young, hotshot district attorney with a heart of gold who immediately catches Gordon's attention.

Meanwhile, Selina Kyle is...apparently living with Bruce Wayne? But we're guessing he doesn't know who she is? It's a bit confusing, but probably makes more sense in context:

Sean Pertwee discuss the relationship between Alfred & Bruce and where it's headed next.

Ben McKenzie talks about the introduction of Harvey Dent and his partnership of sorts with James Gordon. Watch "Harvey Dent" Starting Mon 8/7c Nov 17 on FOX.

Jim Gordon and Mayor James once again butt heads.

Detective Gordon asks Alfred and Bruce if they can house Selina Kyle, the sole witness to the Wayne family murders.

Harvey Dent is sure that billionaire Dick Lovecraft is somehow involved with the Wayne Murders.

Oswald Cobblepot makes Liza an offer she can't possibly refuse.

Textbook smart with a street edge, Harvey Dent may be the perfect ally for Detective Gordon as they wage war on Gotham's corruption.


Selina Kyle witnesses one of Bruce Wayne's boxing lessons with Alfred.

Gotham airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.