Grant Gustin Says That There's Little Love In The Flash's Future

At the end of last night’s The Flash crossover with Arrow, Oliver Queen left Barry Allen with [...]

At the end of last night's The Flash crossover with Arrow, Oliver Queen left Barry Allen with some sage wisdom. Barry, according to Oliver, needs to release his romantic feelings for Iris and move on with his life, for both of their sakes. With the inherent risks and time spent fighting crime, being a superhero doesn't allow for romance. As Arrow put it, "Guys like us don't get the girl."

But will Barry take the Emerald Archer's romantic advice?

Yes—and no. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Flash actor Grant Gustin gave a forecast on Barry Allen's romantic future. And it's looking pretty chilly.

"Barry doesn't actually have love very high on his priority list right now, as much as he might think about Iris; making that happen isn't necessarily the most important thing for him right now," Gustin said.

But just because he won't actively pursue Iris doesn't mean his feelings for her will cease. That ongoing desire may lead to some complications later down the road, especially now that Iris has cooled her affections for The Flash and moves closer to her boyfriend, Eddie Thawne.

He'll always love her…he'll take [Oliver's] advice, but maybe not follow through with it," Gustin said. "But [she]'s the love of his life, and that's not going to change."

Romantic or not, Gustin further teased that some major developments were on the way for Barry and Iris' relationship. As Gustin put it, Barry is going to be far more open and honest with Iris about "some things."

Could those "things" be red and extremely fast? We may find out next Tuesday, when the midseason finale—and first appearance of The Reverse Flash—airs at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.