Graphicly to Offer Image Comics Through Facebook, Nook Color, Kindle Fire


It wasn't that long ago that the comics community was wondering which of the various digital comics services would turn out to be "iTunes for comics," dominating the marketplace and becoming the standard-bearer for the future of the industry. Comixology has long since become the frontrunner, after becoming the distributor of choice for many large publishers and being the exclusive service for DC's much-touted digital day-and-date program. But Graphicly has come roaring back a bit, with yesterday's announcement that Image Comics will release their entire publishing line digitally on the same day as print releases through Graphicly. Many titles, such as The Walking Dead and Savage Dragon, have been available in that way from Comixology for some time, and those titles (as well as many others,but not the full publishing line) will continue to be so.Working with Graphicly offers publishing options for Image Comics that aren't presently available for competitors, such as releasing comics to the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and the forthcoming Amazon Kindle Fire. Graphicly also has a Facebook-based app that allows readers to purchase comics directly through the world's most popular social-networking site without owning any additional hardware. "For years, print comics have been dependent on a single distribution network, so it's interesting to be a position to utilize a variety of different digital platforms," said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson in a press release. "As digital comics continue to become a greater concern, it's important to embrace as many different options as possible."