Green Lantern's New Creative Slate, Larfleeze Ongoing Announced

Come June, the Green Lantern titles will be published without the steady hand of writer Geoff Johns guiding any of them for the first time in nearly ten years. In case that wasn't a daunting enough challenge for DC's cosmic superhero to face, the rest of the series' writers and artists left as well, making for a kind of mini-reboot of the Green Lantern franchise in just over three months' time. There's been a good deal of speculation as to who might write and draw the comics, with rumors hitting the Web last week that a specific handful of creators would be tapped to take over the four titles. ...Make that five. Earlier today, DC Comics announced not only the replacement teams for the Green Lantern family of titles but that writer Keith Giffen and artist Scott Kolins will launch an ongoing comic book series based on Larfleeze the Orange Lantern. Who else will be slinging the ring? Read on...

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reports that Green Lantern will be written by Robert Venditti and feature art by Billy TanGreen Lantern Corps will bring Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang aboard. Justin Jordan and Brad Walker will take on Green Lantern: New Guardians, while Fialkov will write Red Lanterns with artist Alessandro Vitti. Fun fact for longtime Green Lantern fans: new Lantern family addition Scott Kolins has drawn GL before--the issue at right, which was Hal Jordan's final appearance prior to Emerald Twilight, the story that turned him evil and set in motion many of the plot threads that Johns has been following up for the last decade.