Happy Birthday! Rahul Kohli Turns 30 Today

Rahul Kohli

Happy birthday to Rahul Kohli, who is celebrating his 30th today!

The English actor, who plays Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti on iZombie, took the part as his first major American role. He came on board and became the show's resident fanboy, speaking the language of those the show had to work to win over in its first season, since it diverged so much from the comic book source material. This year, he's been a driving force behind the many Star Wars references attentive fans have been counting up.

Kohli was born in London to parents from Thailand and Kenya, and decided very young that he wanted to pursue an acting career. He studied media studies at Uxbridge College before going on to drama school and then finally appeared in advertisements, with the Royal National Theatre and on EastEnders and Holby City before coming to the U.S.


Happy birthday, Rahul Kohli!