Happy National Superhero Day!


Happy National Superhero Day!

If you're in the U.S., it's time to put on your best cape, mask, cowl, or spandex and celebrate the characters that inspire us all to be better than we ever imagined (and use superpowers to do it!).

National Superhero Day was created by employees at Marvel Comics in 1995, but has become a celebration of all heroes. Some charities like Love Your Melon use the day to visit children's hospitals dressed as superheroes, with capes for the kids.


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Of course, it's also the release date of Captain America: Civil War in many foreign markets (US and other North American fans have to wait until next week), so you can also celebrate by watching your favorite superhero movie, playing your favorite superhero video game, or naturally reading your favorite superhero comicbook. Deadpool probably has a suggestion on that front.


Yup, thought so. So happy National Superhero Day! Go out there, and be super.