Heroes Reborn: Official Synopsis Released

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While there is still no casting information available, and unlike other recently-announced series it hasn't yet seen a trailer release, NBC's Heroes revamp Heroes Reborn (no relation to the trauma-inspiring Marvel Comics event series by the same name) has at least an official description now...even if it's pretty much just what we already knew from interviews. Tim Kring will return to run the show, without the aid of former Executive Producers Bryan Fuller (who's busy with Hannibal) and Jeph Loeb (who's head of TV for Marvel). And whats' he got planned? Well, so far all we know is that it's going to be more like the first season -- less about the involved world of people with super powers and those who hunt them and more about everyday folks who are struggling to cope when they find themselves in extraordinary situations. It makes sense, given the fact that it's well-documented that was always intended to be the plan before Season One's characters became fan-favorites and the network started to insist we see more of them. Check out the official description below. HEROES REBORN The saga behind the 2006 breakout series Heroes will continue as creator Tim Kring returns to the fold and develops new layers to his original superhero concept. This highly anticipated 13-episode miniseries will reconnect with the basic elements of the show's first season where ordinary people were waking up to the fact that they had extraordinary abilities. This series will be preceded by a new digital series that will introduce audiences to the new characters and storylines that will take the Heroesphenomenon to new places.