Jacob Artist Cast in American Horror Story Season 6

Ryan Murphy has kept a tight lid on details regarding this season of American Horror Story. So much so, that we're only one day away from the premiere, and no one knows anything about the plot.

The mystery has been difficult for fans to endure, but at least there's some exciting casting news to hold us over until the season begins on Wednesday.

It was revealed on Tuesday that Glee alum, Jacob Artist, will be appearing in the new season of the horror anthology series.


Artist shared a photo on his personal Instagram account of an AHS script, and shared it with the caption, "Day 1." While this all-but confirms a role in the series for Jacob, the post was removed from his account sometime later.

It should come as no surprise that Artist has joined the AHS cast, as he worked with creator Ryan Murphy on Glee for years. Murphy has been known to keep his favorite actors close, a fact which is made evident by the use of the same core group of performers in each season of AHS.

The switch from musical to horror may seem like a reach for some actors, but Artist wouldn't be the first from his Glee family to join Murphy in other ventures.

Fellow Glee star, Darren Criss, went on to appear in a couple of episodes in American Horror Story: Hotel, while leading lady Lea Michele nabbed a starring role in one of Murphy's other properties, Scream Queens.

Jacob Artist, while only 23, has made a name for himself in prime-time television. After his role in the musical drama, Artist took on a lead role for the ABC hit series, Quantico.

The sixth season of American Horror Story, which has yet to be titled, will premiere on September 14 on FX.