James Gunn On The Important Role Play-Doh Played In Guardians Of The Galaxy

How to motivate your crew? It is one of the challenges that a director faces with each new film. [...]


How to motivate your crew? It is one of the challenges that a director faces with each new film. Some motivate their crew by stuffing their faces with daily doses of delicious craft services. While other directors prefer to let crew members help make decisions on a few matters to make everyone feel as though they have a voice. For Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn used the kid's toy Play-Doh to get his crew to perform at their best.

Gunn posted this message on his facebook:

As some of you know, I gave out tiny jars of Play-Doh to people on the set of Guardians when they did an extraordinary job. If a stunt went exceptionally well, the stunt man would get a jar. If an explosion went off without compare, the special effects dude would get one. An actor with an extraordinary performance, a beautiful shot by the cinematographer, a wonderfully scheduled day by the AD - these were all causes for jars of Play-Doh. I did not give out that many - maybe forty jars over the course of our 85 day shoot. So they were highly coveted and sought after by much of the cast and crew. (On a side note, I also like to keep jars around to smell, because it brings back that feeling of pure childlike creativity - I swear to God this isn't an ad for Play-Doh, although it sounds like it!) Whatever the case, today I was touched by a jar of Play-Doh I received in the mail from a fan, for a job well done. I thought it was really sweet. Thanks, Nadima!

20th Century Fox is currently developing a movie based on Play-Doh and Paul Feig (Ghostbusters) will direct it. I'm guessing Gunn will be the first in line to see it.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will arrive in theaters May 5, 2017.

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