Japanese Apartments Have A Giant Snorlax Problem

Don’t be fooled! Pokemon GO’s global popularity isn’t just limited to trainers’ phones [...]

sleeping snorlax

Don't be fooled! Pokemon GO's global popularity isn't just limited to trainers' phones these days. The game has led to a resurgence in the franchise's popularity, leaving some fans to take their Pokemon obsession to all-new heights. Take for example Bandai's recent Snorlax beanbag - The giant cushion went viral following its release as tons of fans eagerly purchased the sleepy Pokemon. But, now, it seems like Snorlax is causing a big problem for some of those fans. In particular, the giant cushion is having issues fitting inside Japanese apartments.

It looks like those trainers better hurry and get themselves a PokeFlute then.

Shortly after the Snorlax cushion started shipping, several Japanese fans took to Twitter to show how hilariously large the Pokemon cushion is. At nearly 5' tall and 4' wide, fans quickly discovered it would probably be easier to pole vault over Route 11's sleeping Snorlax than to man-handle the creature's plush counterpart into their apartments. The 2-feet thick beanbag is causing all sorts of logistical issues, and one amused Japanese trainer figured they should document their struggles online.

Looking at the photos, you can clearly see how huge the Snorlax cushion is. The adorable plush easily takes up user's bed. And, in others' photos, fans can see how Snorlax barely fits in its trainer's stairways or bedrooms.

Of course, the size issue isn't too surprising considering Japanese real estate is characterized by its small stature. Unlike Western apartments, Japanese apartments are much smaller and compact due to the country's overall size. For instance, a small Western apartment usually stands at about 520 square feet while a Japanese apartment at the same price will likely be about 216 square feet. With little to no wiggle room, it's no wonder Japanese apartments are having such a huge Snorlax problem.

If you're interested in one of these Snorlax cushions, you can still order one through Bandai's JP website. The product runs for $456 before tax and shipping, so you better be sure the iconic Pokemon will fit in your apartment before you attempt to capture it. After all, getting the sleeping-type creature to move once it has fallen asleep is easier said than done. A hike up to Mt. Fuji is just about the only way you'll get a hold of Snorlax's PokeFlute alarm, so train responsibly here. And, if all else fails, ask Professor Oak for some guidance. The legendary Pokemon enthusiast will surely have some wise words to share.