John Byrne's Supergirl Saga To Be Collected in May

The Supergirl Saga, John Byrne's swan song on the Superman titles and one of the most [...]


The Supergirl Saga, John Byrne's swan song on the Superman titles and one of the most controversial Superman stories ever written, will be collected as part of Superman: The Man of Steel Volume 9, according to the upcoming trade paperback's Amazon listing.

The book will likely street right around the time CBS's Supergirl is airing its season finale. Tonight's episode marks Supergirl's midseason break.

With credits to John Byrne, Jerry Ordway and Roger Stern, here's the book's description, as related by the online retailer:

In these tales from SUPERMAN #19-22, SUPERMAN ANNUAL #2 and ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #441-444, the mysterious Supergirl meets Superman for the first time! Plus, the Man of Steel faces Mr. Mxyzptlk, runs into the Doom Patrol and battles Metallo! And Lex Luthor is tricked into releasing criminals from the Phantom Zone -- and it's up to Superman to clean up his mess. Plus: The triumphant return of Guardian & the Newsboy Legion in a story that will impact Superman and the City of Metropolis for years to come!

DC has not yet commented on this or other as-yet-unsolicited items recently listed to Amazon, including the rumored Supergirl: Digital First series.

The Superman: The Man of Steel trade paperbacks have collected John Byrne's run on Superman and Action Comics, along with related titles, from The Man of Steel #1 onward. If this description is correct, it would be the last volume containing Byrne's ongoing Superman work, and the next volume would be the previously-collected Exile storyline.

Elements of The Supergirl Saga were used in Man of Steel, Zack Snyder's film, and will play into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Man of Steel, which rebooted Superman in 1986 following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, will turn 30 years old in 2016.