John Ridley Says His Marvel Project Is Very Much Alive


TV producer John Ridley had a Marvel TV project rumored in April 2015 - and while nothing official has been announced, he's been teasing it ever since.

"The Marvel project is still very much alive," he told IGN at the TCA winter press event. The writer and producer said he hopes to fit his unique sence of social consciousness, which he works into American Crime, into his Marvel story as well.

The series, reportedly being developed for ABC, will use existing Marvel Comics characters, reinvented for TV. Ridley said that Jessica Jones presents an "interesting job of integrating [the social consciousness]" he'd like in his own show.

"I would just say I hope that I would bring an appropriate amount of reflective sensibility to whatever project I may or may not be involved with in the Marvel universe. But I do want it to be entertaining in its own right," Ridley said.


Marvel TV and ABC have not officially commented on the series.