Justice League of America: Want All 52 Variant Covers? It'll Cost You.

According to DC Comics's solicitations for product shipping in February, when Justice League of America #1 hits stores that month, fans will be able to special order a shrinkwrapped package that includes all 53 covers--the standard edition featuring the United States flag and 52 variants, one for each state, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, who recently overwhelmingly voted to pursue statehood.

Says DC in the solicitation for the issue:

The standard edition cover features the flag of the United States.

This issue is available in 52 U.S. flag variant editions, one for each state plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico

In addition, you may order a shrinkwrapped pack of the standard edition of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 plus all 52 variant covers, with a suggested retail price of $149.99 US. There is no minimum purchase needed to order this item.

That's a savings of just over $60, or a bit more than a quarter of the total retail value of the package.

It will be both interesting, and difficult to judge, what (if any) impact this move has on sales. By making this package available, DC takes pressure off of retailers who often have to order is uncomfortably large numbers to qualify for variants, let alone books with a huge number of variants a la The Walking Dead #100 or Uncanny Avengers #1.


It also means that for the relatively small number of hardcore collectors such variants appeal to, they can order one of these packages (probably at a substantially-reduced rate from someplace like DCBS online) and be guaranteed they'll get all of the covers without having to chase them down one by one.

Of course, whether that makes them more or less "desirable" and "collectible" is anyone's guess.