KFC Cheetos Sandwich Announced For KFC Locations Nationwide

Next month, KFC will roll out the KFC Cheetos Sandwich to locations nationwide, prompting most [...]

Next month, KFC will roll out the KFC Cheetos Sandwich to locations nationwide, prompting most everyone to wonder: is it really necessary to offer an in-store option that you could build yourself with minimal effort? Actually, we kid, we kid! The KFC Cheetos Sandwich isn't just the addition of some Cheetos snacks to an existing menu item. While the sandwich is a riff off of the existing Crispy Colonel sandwich, KFC is doubling down on the cheesy Cheeto goodness with the addition of a special Cheetos sauce.

It's certainly an interesting pairing. While the idea of adding crunch to a sandwich is a time-honored enhancement -- who hasn't added a few potato chips to a sandwich for a delicious, salty crunch? -- the addition of Cheetos to chicken takes things to a whole new level. It's one that a KFC spokesperson said made sense given the dedicated fan base of both KFC and Cheetos.

"Made by coating a juice, hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken fillet with special Cheetos sauce and placing it on a toasted bun with mayo and a layer of crunchy Cheetos, the Cheetos Sandwich will give you a blast of craveable Cheetos in every bite," the restaurants said back when they announced the new menu item.

"Both KFC and Cheetos have dedicated fan bases loyal to each new creation," A KFC spokesperson said in a statement. "It only made sense to merge these two iconic brands together to provide an irresistible and flavorful sandwich that gives the best of both worlds."

The Cheetos Sandwich may be a new creation, but it isn't KFC's first foray into specialty offerings. Last year, the fast food chain released Pickle Fried Chicken as a limited-time offering last year as well as their take on chicken and waffles. And while some of KFC's interesting special menu items ultimately go on to be regular offerings -- their Nashville Hot Chicken began as a limited-time item and now has a dedicated place on the menu -- if you're interested in trying the Cheetos Sandwich you'll need to act fast, and maybe even do a bit of travelling. The sandwich is a limited-time offering currently being tested in selected restaurants in North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

What do you think of KFC's latest creation? Are you interested in giving it a try? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.