Kim Kardashian's Love Life Gets Its Own Bio Comic Book

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Bluewater Productions is famous for doing biography comics on politicians and celebrities, but the new comic book they announced today might be a first. Kim Kardashian's love life is getting its own bio comic book. According to Bluewater Productions, Kim Kardashian's love life has been a major part of her rise to becoming a pop culture icon. In the 15 Minutes: Kim Kardashian comic book, the contents will revolve around the many loves of Kim Kardashian. 15 Minutes: Kim Kardashian is written by New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro and illustrated by Noval Hernawan. The cover of the comic features Kim Kardashian in just a glimpse of a Superhero outfit. Comic book fans will of course recognize the costume as being Wonder Woman, which is a costume that Kim Kardashian has worn at Halloween. "It's safe for me to say that over-all, I'm quite happy with the end result of this project," said artist Hernawan. "I'm very grateful to be given this opportunity, and I hope the reader will enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed making it. Hopefully Kim will too!" 15 Minutes: Kim Kardashian is just the first in what looks to be a brand new series for Bluewater Productions. The 15 Minutes series will focus on reality stars. Bluewater Productions teases that cast members from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Jersey Shore could be next to get their own bio comics. Print versions of 15 Minutes: Kim Kardashian will be exclusively available at Comic Flea Market. Digital copies will be on Amazon, Itunes, Nook, Kobo, DriveThru Comics, ComiXology, Wowio, MY Digital Comics and more.