Limited Edition Mega Man Headphones Revealed


Now your ears can look just like Dr. Light's most famous creation. Emio recently revealed a new set of headphones inspired by Mega Man, the classic Capcom video game character. The headphones are officially licensed by Capcom and can be yours for the low, low price of $99.99.

Emio designed the headphones based off of Mega Man's classic design from the original 1990s Game Boy game. The headphones come in a pretty awesome box, which incorporates the headset into a picture of Mega Man. Emio is marketing the headphones as both HD and LED, although it's unclear what part of the headphones light up.


You can purchase the Mega Man headphones directly off Emio's website. Unfortunately, Emio only ships within the United States so international Mega Man fans will need to find a friend if they want to get their hands on this sweet new Mega Man gear. The headphones are a limited edition, so don't wait to purchase your set today!