Lou Ferrigno Doesn’t Want To Be Naked On Celebrity Apprentice

Hulk Lou Ferrigno

Earlier Comicbook.com reported that Lou Ferrigno, who is best known for starring in The Incredible Hulk TV Show in the seventies and eighties, will be appearing on the fifth season of the Celebrity Apprentice. We don't yet know much about Lou Ferrigno's appearance on the show, but we do know one thing. In this video from NBC, Lou Ferrigno discusses his strategy on the Celebrity Apprentice. Ferrigno says, "Whatever it takes to win, I'm willing to do. As long as I'm not naked. I don't want to be naked."

Unusual comments from a man who often appeared half-naked on The Incredible Hulk. I guess Ferrigno has grown tired of going shirtless and wearing ripped jeans. Ferrigno gives a somewhat strange look into the camera when making the comment, which makes us wonder if some of his castmates might have pressured him to strip down and show off his bodybuilding physique in one of the challenges. Hulk might smash, but Hulk no want to be naked. In addition to his apprehension about nudeness, Ferrigno seems to want to make a point of showing off his intelligence. Ferrigno says, "I want people to see how smart I am, because everyone assumes their playing the Hulk, being the actor, but people don't see me being an entrepreneur, being intelligent, being smart, being honest, because I have a lot of character." Hulk smart. Hulk no take clothes off. Hulk want to be known for his brains not his body.