Machinima Debuts New Teaser Poster For Transformers: Combiner Wars Animated Series

'Transformers isn’t just a franchise, it’s a global phenomenon; the ultimate passion platform [...]

TF Combiner Wars
(Photo: Machinima)

Machinima is bringing another much-loved property to their digital channel in the form of Transformers: Combiner Wars.

The new 2D and 3D animated series, along with Robocops, is getting an 8 episode launch this July, and sets itself apart from other Transformers animated projects by targeting adult audiences specifically.

Transformers Combiner Wars Key Art RGB 1000x1500 Teaser-1
(Photo: Machinima)

"Transformers isn't just a franchise, it's a global phenomenon; the ultimate passion platform for over 30 years," said CEO Chad Gutstein. There are over 10 billion views of Transformers-related content on YouTube and the four theatrical movies have grossed over $3.7 billion dollars in global box office. At Machinima, we are honored that Hasbro has chosen us to bring the next phase of this beloved passion platform to the world."

The series starts 40 years after the great earth war, after both Autobots and Decepticons have returned to Cybertron and come to a delicate truce. Optimus Prime and Megatron are long since gone, and Cybertron has new leaders. Now those leaders have preserve the peace while dealing with a new type of transformer, one that is able to assemble with others into a much more powerful form, known as combiners.

I'll be interested to see just how far Hasbro will let Machinima push the envelope, as even the live action films are fairly safe PG affairs. They'll also need to deliver a few extremely likeable characters without both Optimus to rely on.

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