Metal Gear Creator Allegedly Barred from Receiving Award by Konami


Kojima was allegedly not allowed to attend this year's Game Awards. Kojima, the creator of the popular Metal Gear Solid series, was allegedly told not to attend the award ceremony by Konami, Kojima's employer and the developer of the Metal Gear Solid games. Kojima has had a rocky relationship with Konami since earlier this year, when rumors began to surface that the popular designer was leaving the company after the release of Metal Gear Solid V. Konami denied the reports in October, instead stating that Kojima was still employed by the company.

Game Awards host Geoff Keighley made the announcement during the show, before announcing that Metal Gear Solid V had won the "Best Action Game" award. The award was accepted on Kojima's behalf by Keifer Sutherland, the voice of Snake in the newest Metal Gear Solid game.

Kojima is best known as the creator of Metal Gear Solid, but he's also been involved with other popular video game franchises like Snatcher and Zone of the Enders. Kojima also produced Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

While neither Konami nor Kojima has officially responded to the alleged "banning", Kojima's Twitter account did retweet a tweet expressing outrage about Konami not allowing him to attend the awards show.


(via IGN)