Mysterious Teasers For The Flash Season 2 Characters

Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer of The Flash, took part in a lightning round session with Entertainment Weekly and he provided them with quick and mysterious responses on each of the Season 2 main characters. Okay, they're not that mysterious, but you'll still have fun figuring out each one.

Barry Allen: "New love."

Iris West: "Face from the past."

Caitlin Snow: "Brrrr."

Cisco Ramon: "Metahuman."

Dr. Wells: "Alive?"

Joe West: "Stalwart."

Ronnie Raymond: "Bravery."

Henry Hewitt: "Heart."

Jay Garrick: "Broken."


Patty Spivot: "Delightful."

An unstoppable force is coming. The Flash season 2 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 6!