Domain Name Registration Teases First Ever Godzilla Anime

These days, some of the world’s biggest anime series thrive off the resurging popularity of [...]


These days, some of the world's biggest anime series thrive off the resurging popularity of kaijus. The sci-fi genre, which originated in Japan, symptomatically showcases giant monsters attacking various major metropolises. And, perhaps, the best-known of all these kaijus is Godzilla himself. Surprisingly, the King of Monster has yet to be featured in his own anime, but that all appears to be changing soon.

First reported by Anime News Network, TOHO Ad. Co., Ltd has officially registered for the domain name, "" Their application was submitted on August 2nd, following the very successful release of Shin Gojira - OR Godzilla: Resurgence - in Japan. The new film opened on July 29th and was prompted by the overwhelming success of the American Godzilla film back in 2014. Funimation has since announced they'll be releasing the film later this year in America.

Now, it seems like TOHO might be preparing to bring its most famous monster to the growing world of anime. Considering anime stands as one of Japan's biggest culture exports, it's amazing TOHO hasn't pursued a series before now. Godzilla has, however, was translated into Western cartoons way back in the 70's and 80's. But, as of this year, the only Godzilla anime cameo was found in Crayon Shin-chan.

Some fans are curious as to whether TOHO is actually considering an anime or if they're simply registering the domain as a precaution. However, there's simply no other information available regarding the domain's acquisition. However, when you consider Shin Gojira's director created the popular apocalyptic mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, TOHO definitely has some connections to the world of anime.

Who knows? Maybe a Godzilla anime could even knock Attack on Titan off its reigning throne? What do you all think?