New Thor Series Coming From Duggan and Medina? Seems Like It


In the latest one-word teaser Marvel Comics have released for their All-New Marvel Now initiative, Gerry Duggan and Paco Medina are getting "hammered." Now, there's a big ol' #1 in the background of the image, but since we all know that Marvel is slapping a new #1 on all kinds of things that aren't really #1 but in fact the first installment of the new creative team, this begs the question: what will they be doing? With a Thor movie hitting theaters tomorrow, it seems like a good idea for the Thunder God to have more than one title--but by the time they launch anything new in January or February, things will already be gearing up for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Since Thor and Loki both already have titles, there's basically two realistic things we can think of for this teaser: Thor: God of Thunder gets handed off to this team, leaving Jason Aaron to do other things, perhaps including something dealing with Winter Solder; or a new series--maybe centering around Thunderstrike, Beta Ray Bill, Valkyrie or other Asgardian characters who aren't getting the love at the moment. What do you think? Sound off in the comments.