Nothing Says Happy Holidays Like A Robocop Sweater

Dead or alive, we’re buying this sweatshirt.Life has found all meaning again with this [...]

Dead or alive, we're buying this sweatshirt.

Life has found all meaning again with this custom-made Robocop sweatshirt from apparel designers The Illustrated Mind. In a glorious team-up with U.K.-based illustrator Jack Teagle, the company has created a sweatshirt that could have very well time-traveled here from the 80's. You can guarantee that Urban Outfitters is drooling for the chance to sell these babies.

The sweatshirt is only available on the website through the holidays, giving citizens less than 30 days to comply with this awesome deal. It'll cost you $43.42 (or 35 Euro), but hey, even Bixby Snyder would buy it for full retail value.

Teagle, the designer, has some other pretty cool superhero-inspired prints in his collection, which you can see on his website.