Original Pokemon Singer Performs The Rock's PokeRock Theme Song

Pokemon GO fans are extremely driven to catch every single creature in the game, but recently a new Pokemon was discovered that just about makes that task impossible. That would be the most electrifying Pokemon in digital entertainment, PokeRock.

PokeRock is, of course, the digital manifestation of Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and above being just about impossible to catch, he's also a bit of a jerk, hurling insults at you as you fail time and time again. If that wasn't enough, he then jacks all of your items because, in The Rocks words, "Haha, God, PokeRock is a D***."

Pokerock Lyric Video Header

Be that as it may, at least PokeRock has a fantastic theme song, and being one for authenticity, his entrance music was sung by original Pokemon singer Jason Paige. Now the official lyric video has been released, showing Paige in the studio singing the new customized version.

PokeRock's song fits his personality well, with lines like the following.

"His muscles are so damn big, they are no match for me, PokeRock is just the best, and I'm a jabroni."

The chorus is even better,

"(You can't catch the rock), It's you or me...you candya** jabroni (PokeRock) Oh, I just can't win, when I smell what he's cookin', (PokeRock)."

Yeah, that's pretty classic stuff, and just like the original theme, good luck getting that out of your head anytime soon. You can view the entire video above, and more of Jason's videos can be found on his Youtube page. He recently completed a Reddit AMA as well.