Original Pokemon Trading Card Set Getting Re-Released

pokemon games

The Pokémon collectible card game that was all the rage in the '90s is headed back into print.

On February 27, Japanese fans will be able to purchase the original base set in its first reprinting in years, according to the game's website (via Polygon).

The reissue is to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the CCG's original release. The pack will include 60 cards (identical in design to the originals from 1996), a player's manual and a coin.

Over the weekend, reissues of the classic Pokémon Red, Green and Yellow video games were announced in Japan, as well; Polygon says that neither the cards nor the video games have yet been announced for Western release, although obviously it could happen. And while physical copies of the games might not be available in the US, Virtual Console editions of the classic games will be available worldwide at the end of February.