Ormond Out, Zurer In As Lara In Man Of Steel


and MTV's Splash Page are reporting that Ayelet Zurer of Angels & Demons fame is stepping in to replace Julia Ormond as Superman's Kryptonian mother in the upcoming Man of Steel film. Zurer will begin filming this week. It's unclear from either story what the reason might be for the change, with Splash Page seeming to suggest that Ormond left production and Deadline saying, "I was unable to find out why director Zack Snyder made the last-minute change." It may ultimately have come down to scheduling problems; According to IMDb, Ormond is filming three other movies at present, although that information could be somewhat inaccurate, given that she is also still listed as filming Man of Steel. Lara and her husband Jor-El (played by Russell Crowe) will presumably not appear in too many scenes, given that they will have died with the rest of Krypton before the film begins, but the characters (in particular Jor-El, portrayed in past films by Marlon Brando) have a way of appearing in more scenes than one would initially expect.