Pokemon GO Users Are Having Problems Logging In with Trainer's Club Accounts

Pokemon GO Server Issues

Pokemon GO's first couple of days have been marred with frequent server outages. The servers were down during peak traffic hours yesterday, although Niantic and Nintendo managed to bring them back up this evening. However, many players are reporting continued problems, especially when logging in using their Pokemon Trainer's Club account.

The issue stems from the Pokemon Trainer's Club server, which has frequently crashed as millions log into Pokemon GO for the first time. The Pokemon Company is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as quickly as possible. As of 11 AM EDT, the Pokemon Trainer's Club server is down for maintenance, meaning that players can't use their Trainer's Club accounts to log into Pokemon GO. Players using their Google account have not reported continued problems as of this morning, although that may change heading into the afternoon when more players log in to play.

Niantic has been relatively silent on the issue, although Pokemon GO's website does have a general message acknowledging the server problems. Players can also log into Pokemon.com to see if the servers are still down instead of continually closing and reopening Pokemon GO.