Pokemon: Victini Distribution Begins Today

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

It's the start of a new month, so that means there's a new Mythical Pokemon available for trainers to obtain. This month's mythical Pokemon is Victini, a small but powerful Psychic/Fire type first seen in Pokemon Black and White.

Known as the Victory Pokemon, Victini first appeared in Pokemon Black and White as a special Event Pokemon. It was originally only available in the Liberty Garden, the Unova Region's equivalent of Liberty Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty. Victini was also featured in Pokemon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekron and Pokemon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram, where it helped Ash fight either Zekron or Reshiram.

This Victini is at Level 100 like every other Mythical Pokemon distributed as part of Pokemon's 20th Anniversary celebration and comes with the moves Incinerate, Quick Attack, Confusion, and Endure. Surprisingly, Victini doesn't come with its signature move Searing Shot.

Unlike last month's giveaway, players will only need a working Internet connection and a copy of Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, or Pokemon Omega Ruby to get Victini. Players can use the Mystery Gift function in any one of those four games to download Victini and obtain it as an in-game gift.

As with previous Mythical Pokemon distributed as part of Pokemon's special 20th anniversary celebration, Victini will also get a series of special merchandise available online and at select stores. Fans will be able to purchase a Victini plush, a Victini figurine, and a special Victini trading card set with an exclusive card and pin.

Next month's giveaway is Keldeo, another Generation V mythical Pokemon associated with the Legendary Swords of Justice Pokemon. Genesect and Meloetta will be distributed in November and December. Volcanion will also be distributed in October as part of a giveaway associated with the release of the upcoming Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel movie.