Ryan Reynolds To Get Big Bonus For Deadpool Movie's Success, Already Signed On For Sequel


Ryan Reynolds has to be feeling pretty good at the moment. Deadpool surpassed most expectations to be not just a hit, but a massive one. The film has made over $500 million globally, and has energized Reynolds personal stock by leaps and bounds. The film only cost $58 million to make, and while Reynolds only made $2 million to do the film, he is set to make much more.

In addition to the fact that a sequel has already been committed to by Fox, so another payday is right around the corner, for this film Reynolds has what could be multiple bonuses coming his way. It is estimated he could earn over $10 million when all is said and done, if the film keeps performing the way it has been. With the success also comes the ability for him to command much more next time around via renegotiation, along with director Tim Miller.

While Ryan Reynolds is already signed on for the next movie, Miller is not, and Fox will surely make sure that doesn't last long. Fox is also attempting to keep the writing staff together as well. It makes sense, as this has turned into a burgeoning new franchise for Fox, and with Fantastic Four's mess of a film still fresh in people's minds, it needed it.


via THR