Sailor Moon And Golden Girls Mashup Art By Sparklearmy

Golden Girls Sailor Moon
(Photo: Sparklearmy)

Twitter is a wonderful and sometimes horrifying place, but some of the coolest ideas can come courtesy of a simple tweet. Such was the case with this lovely Sailor Moon Golden Girls Mashup art from Deviant Art user Sparklearmy.

beautiful guardians golden girls by sparklearmy-d827yb6
(Photo: Sparklearmy)

It started as a tweet from his brother, saying there needed to be a Golden Girls anime (which I would be all over by the way). That started the wheels turning, and thus we have Sailor Zbornak (Dorothy), Sailor Petrillo (Sophia), Sailor Nylund (Rose), and Sailor Devereaux (Blanche). Stan doesn't get any special abilities, but he does get a fancy tux, so there's something.

The redesigns are a perfect balance of the two entities though I think my favorite is Sophia. She's adorable, yet looks as if she could rip someone in two just by frowning at them, and she doesn't look very happy that someone stuck a tiara on her head.

For more of Sparkearmy's work, you can check out his Deviant Art page.

via Geektyrant

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